Author’s Research Note

This book is fiction based on historical fact. I wrote it because I care about what happened to President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.  The Man From 2063″ is an original work.  I did not copy or steal Stephen King’s idea about time travel and the JFK assassination.  My book was finished when I heard about Mr. King’s book “11-22-63.” It is a coincidence that we both wrote books about the same concept.  Read both books and decide for yourself. 

Everyone old enough remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news that day. I have been researching the assassination for forty years and always wanted to write a book about this historic event.

I came up with the idea about time travel fifteen years ago. I always wanted to go back to that day to see what happened. Did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill President Kennedy alone, or was there a conspiracy? No murder has been more thoroughly investigated and written about in history than the JFK assassination.

Stephen King recently published a novel about time travel and the JFK assassination titled 11/22/63.  Several people can verify that I had been working on The Man from 2063 for many years prior to hearing about Mr. King’s book. I was surprised that he was writing about the same idea that I was using in my book. I want to emphasize to my readers that I did not steal or copy Mr. King’s idea about time travel and the Kennedy assassination. It is pure coincidence that we both wrote about the same concept. However, our books are totally different. My book involves a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy while Mr. King’s book has Oswald killing JFK alone.

According to most polls, the overwhelming majority of people believe a conspiracy surrounded the killing of John F. Kennedy. The Warren Commission concluded in 1964 that Oswald and Ruby acted alone. The House Assassinations Committee concluded there was a conspiracy. Neither investigation answered all the questions.

My book deals with how history would be different if President Kennedy had lived. It contemplates the possibility that a man could travel from the distant future and alter the course of world history. I have written about a conspiracy that may or may not have existed.

All the characters are fictional with the exception of the major historical people who were involved in this tragedy. Some of the fictional characters are based on real people. I have changed the names to protect their identity. I named the central character of my book after two people I admire, Sean Connery and Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr.  Admiral Zumwalt was a close, personal friend of my father. They both served together in World War II aboard the USS Robison. In my opinion, Admiral Zumwalt was one of the greatest military men the United States ever produced. I had the honor and privilege to know him personally.  He was a brilliant man and a true American hero.

I believe there was a conspiracy that killed President Kennedy. Although I cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the conspiracy I describe in this book actually existed, I believe something similar to what is depicted in my novel could very possibly have happened. The question of who actually killed John F. Kennedy is still a mystery today.  Over the years, I have met many people who were witnesses to the assassination and many researchers who dared to challenge the official version of history. I had the privilege of meeting Marina Oswald. I have talked with doctors who treated President Kennedy as well as witnesses who saw him get shot. All these people were kind enough to share their personal stories with me. For that, I will always be grateful.  All of them believe more than one gunman killed the president.

I want to thank the many researchers who paved the way for this book to be possible. Many of them have passed away over the years, but their work and contributions to the JFK case can never be given enough praise and credit. Without their early research and hard work, I probably would never have become involved in this project. I dedicate this book to all of them.

I also want to thank a special friend who is one of the greatest trial lawyers in America.  His name is Vincent Bugliosi. It is because of his influence that I became a lawyer. Vince wrote Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The International Criminal Justice Review said, “Vincent T. Bugliosi in Reclaiming History clearly has written the definitive book on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy….Reclaiming History is a voluminous book, encyclopedic in scope, capacious enough not only to include a thorough explanation of the facts… of the JFK assassination, but also to expose the faults and debunk the arguments of the conspiracy community…From the date of its publication….this stupendous volume became the seminal work for future JFK assassination studies and essays. It is a must-acquisition for all major libraries, a must-read for all students of the JFK assassination, and a must-cite for future authors and scholars.”  Dr. David Mantik, a conspiracy theorist said, “It is likely that Reclaiming History will stand forever as the magnum opus of this case… It is a masterpiece.”  Thanks, Vince, for your friendship over the years.

Like most Americans, I just want the truth, whatever it might be. After almost fifty years, America deserves to know what really happened that day. If this book inspires the next generation of Americans to re-examine the evidence in this most controversial murder, then I will have achieved my goal in writing it. It is my hope that President Kennedy’s death will not be relegated to history books on a library shelf. I hope the truth about his death might someday come to light so that he may truly rest in peace.

Jack Duffy

February 10, 2012

Ft. Worth, Texas

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