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5 starVincent Bugliosi, author of Helter Skelter

Although I reject the premise of “The Man From 2063″ that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President John F. Kennedy and that there was a conspiracy in the assassination, from a purely fictional standpoint Jack Duffy has succeeded in writing a very clever and engrossing “what if” story surrounding the events of November 22, 1963.

5 starLee Mackey

Jack Duffy’s book combines his 40+ years of personal research about the JFK Assassination into an intriguing novel that examines whether there is a conspiracy. If you’re at all interested in this subject, you’ll find the book an interesting read because it uses facts and related information taken from Jack Duffy’s independent research.

5 starMelissa Brown Levine for Independent Professional Book Reviewers

The Man From 2063 is an intriguing piece that offers a creative perspective on the controversy surrounding John F. Kennedy’s death. I highly recommend it. Read complete review here…


5 starMike Sinha

Enjoyed the book … it is an easy read and if you set your mind to it you can finish the book in a couple of days. Well researched on a topic familiar to all with an interesting prospective from the author.

5 starEarle III

The Man From 2063 is a must read for anyone who has interest in the JFK assassination. With a fictional book about a man from the future obsessed about JFK and his assassination, the author intertwines many historical facts that relate to the Kennedy assassination.  I enjoyed and it certainly makes you think and question the assumptions that were published regarding that event.

Jack Duffy has done a splendid job in writing this book. The moment I begin to read I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down. Having been 15 years of age when the assassination took place, Jack took me back to that dreadful day of November 22, 1963 with all its emotions. The way he approached the subject was superb along with the fact he spent countless hours researching his material. It’s a must buy, you won’t be disappointed.

5 starGeorge Espenlaub

Fans of history, mystery and sci fi will thoroughly enjoy Jack Duffy’s historical novel on the JFK assassination. He presents a plausible answer to the mystery and controversy surrounding President Kennedy’s death that many Americans have been searching for since 1963. It is a must read for those who question the Warren Commission report and have doubts about the lone gunman theory.

5 starJulia

This is a fun-filled read that will keep you on the edge of your seat while learning multiple things about the Kennedy assassination that nobody’s heard of! Jack Duffy is widely considered to be one of the nation’s foremost experts on the infamous and tragic killing of President Kennedy, and he proves his depth of knowledge on the subject in this tale of Sean Zumwalt’s desire to travel back in time and “right” history while risking his own life to do so. It’s nice in this day and age to have a compelling story that blends historical fact with heroism and patriotism. This book would make a terrific TV series, in the same vein as “24″. Here’s hoping someone gets it made! I would highly recommend this story!

5 starPhil Van Auken

This book is just what the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination and cover-up needs. Jack Duffy’s insightful, creative book is ideal for the reader looking for a digestible, yet dramatic, overview of the Kennedy assassination and subsequent cover-up.

It’s direct, straightforward account of the essential facts and events makes for an easy read, but also a compelling one due to its “time warp” ingenuity. It places you right in the middle of the action as though you were there. It tells you just what you want and need to know about these complex events, simplifying them without compromising your understanding of them. And you can’t read the book without becoming convinced of the incredible, incredulous cover-up.

I’ve known the author for many years and marvel at the breadth and depth of his historical expertise of the whole affair. Duffy has personally interviewed a number of the key figures directly involved and is on a first-name basis with several of the top historians in the field. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Kennedy assassination, this is the book for you. It both informs and entertains at the same time.

5 starSuzanne Gattis

What makes for a more thrilling, suspenseful story than one of the greatest conspiracies to ever be whispered among men, the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Jack Duffy’s The Man From 2063 takes on the facts and legends of one of the most tragic events in modern history and combines it with a futuristic twist to write a compelling and thought provoking narrative.

Sean Zumwalt, a native Texan, lawyer, and JFK collector and enthusiast, had always questioned the lone gun man theory behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Was this really carried out by one man? Why were there facts that just did not seem to add up? Was information withheld from the public? Was it the Russians, the Cubans, the CIA? He also always wondered “what if” that event had never even happened in the first place. Would the Vietnam War have happened where so many young lives were lost? How would the political and social aspects of our world be different if this young president had lived to fulfill his greater destiny?

Given the opportunity to go back and change the events of that day, Zumwalt would willingly risk his life to forever change the course of history. With the ever-changing technology of the modern world in which he lives in, Zumwalt is presented with that exact opportunity when finding out about a new, secretive invention of a time machine, thus joining the past and the future.

After a century of keeping a secret hidden, there are those that want to stop Zumwalt in his tracks and take him out while on his journey, making sure he never even existed and had the opportunity to travel back in time. Not only does our hero deal with these enemies, but Zumwalt also makes enemies when trying to stop the conspirators from even carrying off the event to begin with. Armed with documentation from the future and perseverance that only a true believer can have, Zumwalt takes on this mission to change that fateful day in Dallas, TX.

The novel raises serious questions not only about what happened to JFK but also the potential effects of time travel. Can changing one single event in the past bring about a totally unrecognizable present and future?

“The Man from 2063” has some intriguing “what if” questions in Duffy’s conspiracy theory. The result is a thoroughly satisfying novel of action and deduction that leads to a startling conclusion. This is a thought provoking novel and a very exciting adventure. A thriller and a theory – well worth reading and you won’t want to put it down once you embark on this journey.

5 starVictor Wagner

The author has done a MARVELOUS job of writing an easy read entertaining novel mixed with real facts and information that makes one wonder the REAL truth about the Kennedy assassination. I was left wondering which aspects of the book was actual vetted fact and what was fiction. I highly recommend this book. You don’t have to be aficionado of the Kennedy assassination in order to enjoy this book.

5 starSusan Peck, My Cozie Corner

Jack Duffy pens “The Man From 2063″ in a plot filled with historical facts and conspiracy theories on the JFK assassination. A fantastic job on the conspiracy “what if’s” to the point where it could make sense, along with his writing that makes you feel you were right there. I loved the book and finished it in one sitting, then even read it a second time about a week later. Highly recommended it to all readers. This is one book you don’t want to miss…you won’t be disappointed!

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