JFK Assassination Conspiracy – Real or Imagined?

In 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald killed JFK alone and that Jack Ruby was not part of any conspiracy when he killed Oswald on national TV.

In 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. Evidence supporting multiple gunmen has been written about for decades.

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Conspiracy Theories

Who really killed President John F. Kennedy? Sean Zumwalt is about to find out. I knew it. I knew it, he repeated to himself. A conspiracy.

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Ft. Worth lawyer writes new novel about time travel and the JFK assassination

An exciting new novel about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Based on a new and fresh look at how time travel prevented his death.

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Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bio

Oswald died without ever confessing to killing JFK. In “The Man From 2063” Oswald is set up as a patsy by a brilliant conspiracy. Oswald's Bio...

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