Sam Giancana Chicago Mafia Quotes

Sam Giancana was the head of the Chicago mob and connected to Jack Ruby. He was scheduled to testify before the House Committee regarding the JFK assassination, however he was murdered before he could testify. Quotes Attributed to Sam Giancana “We took care of Kennedy…The hit in Dallas was just like any other operation we’d worked on in the past.” “On November 22, 1963, the United States had a coup; it’s that simple. The government of this country was overthrown by a handful of guys who did their job so damned well…only one American even knew it...

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CIA Tapes of Oswald Impersonator

Tape recordings were made by the CIA Mexico City station of conversations between the man who called himself Oswald and Soviet embassy personnel. Transcripts of these conversations were also made. On the 9/28 transcript is the notation that the individual spoke in “hardly recognizable Russian. The real Lee Harvey Oswald spoke Russian quite well. Unfortunately these tapes have vanished. David Phillips, who was in charge of photo surveillance at Mexico City CIA Station, stated that the tapes were “routinely destroyed” before the assassination. However, the HSCA concluded that...

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Strange deaths of witnesses and individuals connected with the JFK assassination

Dr. Jerry Kroth, Ph.D did a statistical comparison of the cause of death of witnesses connected with the JFK murder and the general population of the U.S. What he found was stunning.

The cause of death of individuals who had a direct or indirect linkage to the JFK murder sketches a pattern that is so atypical, so statistically significant, that it suggests a conspiracy.

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The CIA, anti-Castro Cuban exile, Lee Harvey Oswald connection with the JFK assassination

Throughout the summer of 1963 in camps on the Florida mainland and on islets and cays off the coast, Cuban exile fighters continued training for action under CIA control. One Cuban Bay of Pigs veteran said "We use the tactics, we learned from the CIA because we were trained by them to do everything. We were trained to set off a bomb, we were trained to kill."

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Sean Zumwalt is about to find out.

Sean Zumwalt is about to find out once and for all who killed President John F. Kennedy. A conspiracy. But who had planned the murder?

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JFK Assassination Conspiracy – Real or Imagined?

In 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald killed JFK alone and that Jack Ruby was not part of any conspiracy when he killed Oswald on national TV.

In 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. Evidence supporting multiple gunmen has been written about for decades.

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