Interview with Bill Newman Eyewitness to JFK Assassination

Today at about 12:45 pm I was standing in a group of people on Elm Street near the west end of the concrete standard when the President’s car turned left off Houston Street onto Elm Street. We were standing at the edge of the curb looking at the car as it was coming toward us and all of a sudden there was a noise, apparently gunshot. The President jumped up in his seat, and it looked like what I thought was a firecracker had went off and I thought he had realized it. It was just like an explosion and he was standing up. By this time he was directly in front of us and I was looking...

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Jean Hill Interview with Arlen Specter of the Warren Commission

Jean Hill interviewed by Arlen Specter from the Warren Commission (24th March, 1964) Arlen Specter: Did you have any conscious impression of where the second shot came from? Jean Hill: No. Arlen Specter: Any conscious impression of where this third shot came from? Jean Hill: Not any different from any of them. I thought it was just people shooting from the knoll – I did think there was more than one person shooting. Arlen Specter: You did think there was more than one person shooting? Jean Hill: Yes, sir. Arlen Specter: What made you think that? Jean Hill: The way the ‘gun report...

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