CIA Tapes of Oswald Impersonator

Tape recordings were made by the CIA Mexico City station of conversations between the man who called himself Oswald and Soviet embassy personnel. Transcripts of these conversations were also made. On the 9/28 transcript is the notation that the individual spoke in “hardly recognizable Russian. The real Lee Harvey Oswald spoke Russian quite well. Unfortunately these tapes have vanished. David Phillips, who was in charge of photo surveillance at Mexico City CIA Station, stated that the tapes were “routinely destroyed” before the assassination. However, the HSCA concluded that...

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Suspicious backyard photos of Lee Harvey Oswald

On November 22, 1963 the police found several incriminating photos of Oswald posing with the Mannlicher Carcano rifle and a pistol. Oswald said, "That is not a picture of me, it is my face, but my face has been superimposed- the rest of the picture is not me at all, I've never seen it before..."

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The CIA, anti-Castro Cuban exile, Lee Harvey Oswald connection with the JFK assassination

Throughout the summer of 1963 in camps on the Florida mainland and on islets and cays off the coast, Cuban exile fighters continued training for action under CIA control. One Cuban Bay of Pigs veteran said "We use the tactics, we learned from the CIA because we were trained by them to do everything. We were trained to set off a bomb, we were trained to kill."

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Lee Harvey Oswald’s Marksmanship

Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK…or did he? Was his marksmanship good enough to pull this off? You Decide. No one has ever duplicated the marksmanship attributed to Oswald.

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Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bio

Oswald died without ever confessing to killing JFK. In “The Man From 2063” Oswald is set up as a patsy by a brilliant conspiracy. Oswald's Bio...

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