CIA Tapes of Oswald Impersonator

Tape recordings were made by the CIA Mexico City station of conversations between the man who called himself Oswald and Soviet embassy personnel. Transcripts of these conversations were also made.

On the 9/28 transcript is the notation that the individual spoke in “hardly recognizable Russian. The real Lee Harvey Oswald spoke Russian quite well. Unfortunately these tapes have vanished.

David Phillips, who was in charge of photo surveillance at Mexico City CIA Station, stated that the tapes were “routinely destroyed” before the assassination. However, the HSCA concluded that based on cable traffic from Mexico City to Langley CIA headquarters “after the assassination raised a possibility that at least one tape of Oswald’s voice existed as late as 16 October 1963.”

Warren Commission staff lawyer W. David Slawson has claimed to have listened to these very tapes. His belief that the tapes existed after the assassination is shared by the CIA Chief of Branch responsible for Mexico City who testified that he “believed the tapes did exist after the time of the assassination.”

Also, David Belin, another Warren Commission staffer and longtime defender of its conclusions, said in an interview with Ted Koppel on Nightline, ”The Warren Commission had access to the tape.” Then why was the tape said to be destroyed before the assassination by the CIA?

The CIA forwarded photographs from surveillance cameras of the individual calling himself Oswald to the Warren Commission. When it was discovered that the man in the pictures was not Oswald, the CIA claimed that it was a mistake and that they did not have a picture of the man at all.

David Phillips testified that the cameras were not in operation at the time Oswald visited. However, based on CIA cables the HSCA was forced to conclude “that it is probable that the pulse camera was in operation on the days that Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Cuban Consulate.”

The Cuban government also lent to doubt of the CIA’s claims by supplying pictures taken by their spies showing the cameras in operation during the time in question. Again, David Phillips testified to something that was not true

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