Why The JFK Assassination Haunts Us Today

I have devoted over 40 years of my personal and professional life to researching and investigating the greatest unsolved murder in American history, the JFK assassination.

I became fascinated with this event after seeing the Zapruder film in 1971. I was convinced then and am more convinced today that John F. Kennedy was the victim of a well-organized conspiracy. Polls indicate 75%-80% of the American people do not believe one gunman killed JFK.

The more you study the case the more complex and conflicting it becomes. It is truly a bottomless pit with no clear solution. As a trial lawyer with over 20 years of experience I can honestly say that the available evidence proves a conspiracy beyond all reasonable doubt.

Eyewitness testimony, films, photographs, the Parkland physicians, autopsy photographs and X-rays, autopsy eyewitnesses, acoustics, physics, re-enactments of the shooting, deaths of witnesses and ballistics all support a conspiracy.

The only mystery left today is who pulled the triggers. Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been on the 6th floor to shoot JFK if witnesses are correct. He denied killing JFK for 2 days before he was gunned down himself by a night club owner with ties to organized crime.

Statistics prove that the strange deaths of over 78 key witnesses could not be pure coincidence. After 2 major investigations by the US government, the American people have still been denied the truth. The tidal wave of conspiracy evidence will only get more powerful as time goes on.

I wrote “The Man From 2063″ to present the evidence I have uncovered in my research along with information other researchers have discovered.

In a nutshell, if 22 physicians in Dallas are correct in their observations of JFK’s head wound then there was a conspiracy. Case closed. I believe the surgeons in Dallas are correct.

The US govt. tried to silence them through intimidation over the years but failed. People today ask “Why should we care after almost 50 years?” My reply is simple. Because the truth matters no matter how long ago it happened.

Just recently, RFK Jr. indicated he believed a conspiracy killed his uncle. If the Kennedy family still cares about the truth, all Americans should care. Otherwise this country is not the same country our founders created. If a criminal enterprise can commit the biggest murder in the history of the US and our leaders are either unwilling or unable to bring the killers to justice, what does that say about our democracy? It may be too late to catch the people who killed JFK but it is never too late for the truth. As Marina Oswald said, this nation will never have closure as long as the truth is hidden.

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