Sam Giancana Chicago Mafia Quotes

Sam Giancana was the head of the Chicago mob and connected to Jack Ruby. He was scheduled to testify before the House Committee regarding the JFK assassination, however he was murdered before he could testify.

Quotes Attributed to Sam Giancana

“We took care of Kennedy…The hit in Dallas was just like any other operation we’d worked on in the past.”

“On November 22, 1963, the United States had a coup; it’s that simple. The government of this country was overthrown by a handful of guys who did their job so damned well…only one American even knew it happened. But I know. I know I’ve guaranteed the Outfit’s future…once and for all. We’re set here in the United States. So it’s time to move on to greener pastures.”

“Oswald was a CIA agent. He was not a Castro sympathizer nor Communist at all…In truth Lee Harvey Oswald was a right wing supporter of the kill Castro Bay of Pigs Camp..CIA all the way. The entire conspiracy went right up to the top of the CIA. Both Nixon and Johnson knew about the whole damned thing.”

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