Strange deaths of witnesses and individuals connected with the JFK assassination


Dr. Jerry Kroth, Ph.D did a statistical comparison of the cause of death of witnesses connected with the JFK murder and the general population of the U.S. What he found was stunning.

The cause of death by percentage of 78 people who were connected with the JFK assassination was as follows:

  • Murder- 37%
  • Accidental Death- 23%
  • Suicide- 17%
  • Natural Causes-22%

The cause of death of the general population in the 1970′s was as follows:

  • Murder-less than 1%
  • Accidental Death-9%
  • Suicide-1%
  • Natural Causes-89%

The measure by which differences are calculated from what is expected is called Chi Square. The Chi Square statistic reveals that the JFK sample is tremendously at odds with national norms.

The probability that this variation could simply be the result of coincidence, chance or random occurrence is less than one in 10,000.

The cause of death of individuals who had a direct or indirect linkage to the JFK murder sketches a pattern that is so atypical, so statistically significant, that it suggests a conspiracy.

22 Strange Death Stories

Captain Michael Groves- December 3, 1963

Capt.Groves commanded the JFK honor guard for JFK’s funeral. He died under mysterious circumstances 7 days after the funeral. While eating dinner he passed out and died instantly. On December 12, his possessions were destroyed in a suspicious fire. The Honor Guard had been practicing for a presidential funeral for 3 days before the assassination. Cause of death: Possible poisoning

Jack Zangretti-December 7, 1963

Zangretti was a mob figure and the manager of “The Red Lobster” at Lake Lugert Oklahoma. On November 23, 1963, the day after the assassination Zangretti told friends that Jack Ruby would kill Oswald. 2 weeks later Zangretti was found floating in Lake Lugert with bullet holes in his chest. Cause of death: Murder

Eddy Benavides- February 1964

Benavides was the brother of Domingo Benavides who witnessed the murder of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit on Nov. 22, 1963. Domingo gave a description of Tippit’s killer that did not match Oswald. Eddy who resembled Domingo was shot in the head by an unknown assailant in an apparent case of mistaken identity. Cause of death: Murder

Hank Killam-March 17, 1964

Killam was the husband of Ruby stripper Wanda Joyce. Killam worked as a painter with John Carter, a boarder at the boarding house at 1026 North Beckley Ave. when Oswald lived there. Killam might have known of a Ruby-Oswald connection. Killam fled Dallas and moved to Pensacola Florida then to Tampa and then back to Pensacola. Killam told his brother Earl “I’m a dead man. I’ve run as far as I’m going to run.” He was found dead, his throat cut wide open, his body thrown through a department store window in Pensacola. His death was ruled a suicide. His brother stated “Did you ever hear of a man committing suicide by jumping through a plate glass window.” Cause of death: Suicide

John Underhill-May 8, 1964

CIA agent Cause of death: Suicide, He was shot behind the left ear but was right handed.

James Koethe-September 21, 1964

Staff Writer for Dallas Times Herald He was one of 5 men who met in Ruby’s apartment on the evening of November 24, 1963 He had visited Ruby in jail earlier that day. Cause of death: Karate chop to throat.

Rose Cheramie-September 4, 1965

She was a stripper who worked in Ruby’s club. On November 19, 1963 she was thrown out of a car in Louisiana. She survived and told the police that JFK would be killed in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. She also claimed to have seen Oswald and Ruby together in Ruby’s club on several occasions. Cause of death: Auto accident in Texas. Cheramie was lying in the middle of the road knocked out as if someone had left her there to be hit by a car.

Dorothy Kilgallen-November 8, 1965

Kilgallen was a nationally known syndicated newspaper columnist. She had covered the trial of Jack Ruby and interviewed him in March 1964 in an exclusive private interview in the judge’s chambers. She later told a few close friends that she had discovered information that would blow the whole JFK assassination story “wide open.” On November 8, 1965 she was found dead in her New York town house. Cause of death: Heart seizure due to drug overdose.

Albert Bogard-February 14, 1966

Bogard was a car salesman who worked at a Downtown Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Dallas. Bogard told the Warren Commission that he had met a man on November 9, 1963 at the car dealership who claimed to be Lee Harvey Oswald. The real Oswald was proven to be at another location on that date. Bogard passed a lie detector test. He was found dead in his car in Hallsville, Louisiana, a victim of carbon dioxide poisoning from a hose running from his exhaust pipe through a rolled up window to the interior. Cause of death: Asphyxiation due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lee Bowers-August 9, 1966

Bowers observed 2 men behind the grassy knoll at the time of the assassination. Cause of death: Single car accident under suspicious circumstances.

Lt. Commander William Pitzer USN-October 29, 1966

Pitzer filmed and photographed JFK’s autopsy. He later told friends and family that Kennedy had been killed by a conspiracy. He was debriefed by CIA people who warned him to be quiet about what he had seen. Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot. A .45 caliber pistol was found in his right hand but he was left handed.

Jack Ruby-January 3, 1967

Ruby died of lung cancer although he never smoked. Ruby believed he had been injected with cancer cells. The CIA was experimenting with injecting mice with cancer cells in the early 1960′s. Ruby indicated that JFK had been killed by a conspiracy. Cause of death: Lung cancer

David Ferrie-February 22, 1967

Ferrie knew Oswald and was a close friend of New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello. Ferrie figured predominately in the investigation conducted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. Ferrie was found dead in his apartment shortly after Garrison made it public that Ferrie was a key suspect in the assassination. Cause of death: Brain hemorrhage under questionable circumstances. Ruled suicide.

Eladio Del Valle-February 22, 1967

On the same day that David Ferrie “committed suicide,” one of Ferrie’s closest friends and highly visible anti-Castro Cuban connections was murdered in Miami. Eladio Del Valle was being sought by the Garrison investigation team. Del Valle was found dead, his head split open with a machete and his body shot through the heart. Cause of death: Murder.

Hale Boggs-October 16, 1972

Boggs was one of the original 7 members of the Warren Commission. He was the only dissenting member who finally signed the Warren Report under duress. Boggs felt the FBI had withheld evidence and had lied to the Commission. Boggs believed there had been a conspiracy. Boggs died in a suspicious plane crash in Alaska. The wreckage was never found. Cause of death: Plane crash

John Martino-1975

Martino was the CIA’s Cuban operations contact man between the CIA, Johnny Roselli and the mob. Martino later said “The anti-Castro people put Oswald together. Oswald didn’t know who he was working for-he was just ignorant of who was really putting him together.” Cause of death: Unknown

Sam Giancana-June 19, 1975

Giancana was the head of the Chicago mob. He was connected to Jack Ruby. Giancana was murdered shortly before he was scheduled to testify before the House Committee regarding the JFK assassination. Cause of death: Murder

Jimmy Hoffa-July 30, 1975

Hoffa was the boss of the Teamsters Union. It is believed that Hoffa had information about the JFK assassination. Hoffa had threatened to kill RFK and JFK. Hoffa was deeply involved with organized crime figures. On July 30, 1975 he disappeared after getting in a car with mobsters. His body has never been found. Cause of death: Unknown

Johnny Roselli-August 7, 1976

Roselli was a Las Vegas mob figure. He served as a link between the mob and the CIA. Roselli had been in Dallas on the day of the assassination. He was murdered shortly before he was scheduled to testify before the House Committee on the JFK assassination. His dismembered body was found in an oil drum which had been dumped in the Bay near Miami. Cause of death: Murder

Charles Niccoletti-March 28, 1977

Niccoletti was a hit man and enforcer for Sam Giancana. Just as the House Assassinations Committee was trying to find Niccoletti for questioning about a possible link between the Castro assassination attempts and JFK’s murder, he was executed gangland style in Chicago. While sitting in his car he was shot 3 times in the head. Cause of death: Murder

George De Morenschildt-March 30, 1977

De Morenschildt was a wealthy geologist. In the summer of 1962 De Morenschildt became friends with Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald. It was later proved that De Morenschildt had connections with the CIA. Hours before an investigator from the House Assassinations Committee was scheduled to interview him, De Morenschildt committed suicide with a shotgun. Cause of death: Suicide

Carlos Prio Socarras-April 5, 1977

Socarras was the former president of Cuba prior to Batista. He had ties to both Castro and the exile-Cuban community of Miami, high ranking Mafia leaders, Jack Ruby, and anti-Castro militant Frank Sturgis. He was on the list of persons to be questioned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Socarras was found dead in front of his garage in Miami. He had been shot through the chest, twice, by a .45 caliber pistol. Incredibly the authorities ruled the case a suicide. Cause of death: Suicide.


  1. Bob DeSimone says:

    How any clear thinking person can think that this act was comitted by one, lone misfit, is beyond me

  2. Constance Kritzberg says:

    I would like to find the biography (birth to death) of Jim Koethe, Dallas reporter, murdered September, 1964 in Dallas Texas. I would pay a very nominal amount for accurate information — especially from a family member. Constance Kritzberg

  3. Constance Kritzberg says:

    comment above Constance Kritzberg

  4. Richard Charnin says:

    This probability analysis focuses on the unnatural and suspicious deaths of 23 of the 552 Warren Commission witnesses. It covers the first three years after the assassination and the 14 year period from 1964-1977. The mathematical proof closes the book on those who still promote the fiction that Oswald was the lone assassin.

    The few remaining defenders of the Warren Commission’s Magic Bullet Theory have tried mightily for nearly 50 years to dismiss the mathematical significance of the mysterious deaths of JFK-related witnesses – starting with Ruby shooting Oswald. After all, a “clean-up” operation would only occur in a conspiracy. Of course, Warren Commission apologists claim that Oswald was a lone nut who acted alone. But these “lone-nutters” must know that dead men like Jack Ruby (“sudden cancer”) and dead women like reporter Dorothy Kilgallen (“suicide”) tell no tales.

    The 1973 film Executive Action depicted a conspiracy to assassinate JFK and revealed that an actuary engaged by the London Sunday Times calculated the probability of 18 material witnesses dying within three years of the JFK assassination as ONE in ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TRILLION.

    The basis of the lone nut “argument” has been to claim that 1) the dead witnesses were of minor or no importance and that 2) the universe of total witnesses was ultimately unknowable. But they ignore the fact that the Warren Commission considered the witnesses important enough to have them testify. And that the “universe” of 552 Warren Commission witnesses is obviously a known quantity. Therefore, given the actual number and cause of the unnatural and suspicious deaths (and corresponding mortality rates), we have all the information needed to calculate the probability that they would occur in a given time interval.

    This analysis confirms the actuary’s odds over 3 and 14 year periods using weighted and unweighted UNNATURAL rates. If the 10 Warren Commission UNNATURAL deaths in the three years following the assassination were HOMICIDES,the probability is ONE in 31 THOUSAND TRILLION.

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