Suspicious backyard photos of Lee Harvey Oswald

On November 22, 1963 the police found several incriminating photos of Oswald posing with the Mannlicher Carcano rifle and a pistol.  When the police showed the pictures to Oswald he said

“That is not a picture of me, it is my face, but my face has been superimposed- the rest of the picture is not me at all, I’ve never seen it before…”

The HSCA photographic panel concluded the photos were not faked.  However other photographic experts disagree.  They point out several problems with the pictures.

Problems With The Oswald Photograph

  1. Marina Oswald testified to the Warren Commission that she took the photos on March 31, 1963. The photos show a bright sunny day. According to the weather bureau, the skies on March 31, 1963 were cloudy and threatening with a touch of rain.
  2. The bush beside Oswald is in bloom. In March such bushes have not yet begun to bloom.
  3. Oswald’s head is erect and his nose casts a V shaped shadow. In another photo Oswald’s head is slightly cocked, yet the shadow remains the same.
  4. The posture of the man is also oddly out of kilter. When one attempts to stand at such an angle, one invariably falls over.
  5. The size of the bodies in both pictures differs, the size of the heads is the same.
  6. The chin of the “Oswald” in the photos seems more broader and squarish than the Oswald who was arrested in Dallas and who had a narrow, cleft chin.
  7. The weapon “Oswald”  holds is longer than the known length of the Mannlicher Carcano discovered in the TSBD.

More Photography Evidence Points to Fakes

Malcolm Thompson, a British forensic photography expert, examined copies of the backyard photographs and concluded they were fakes.

Thompson said ”

..the retouching is very obvious in certain parts of the picture..Without doubt that shows this area between the head and the pillar has been retouched and the retoucher has just not been careful enough.”

“The body shadows don’t relate to the other shadows in the picture and one can only come to the conclusion that this body has been placed in the background and photographed, but all the shadows here are swinging to the left whereas is this shadow is slightly to the left but also behind the body is common to both pictures, but when one examines the shadow content, one sees the gun at an angle to the body, which does not relate to the angle of the shadow.”

A photographic analyst with the Canadian Dept. of Defense reached the same conclusion that the photos were composites.

The HCSA handwriting panel concluded Oswald signed the back of one of the photos. Other handwriting experts dispute the signature on the back of the photo.

One logical question is why Oswald would leave incriminating pictures of himself laying around for the police to find.  A conspiracy would make sure the photos were found to frame Oswald.

What Do You Think?

Based on the above information, what conclusions do you think are appropriate? Leave me a comment. I’d like to get your take on this information.

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